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  • Between 15 - 30 years of age(Inclusive)
  • In need of assistance to overcome barriers to employment
  • Out of School
  • Not in receipt of Employment Insurance Benefits
  • Canadian Citizens, permanent residents, or people who have refuge status
  • Legally entitled to work according to the relevant Provincial/Territorial legislation and regulations

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ATN Access Inc has been fortunate to already have some wonderful success stories through the YES Program. Some names have been changed out of respect to each individual's privacy.

Damian came to ATN as part of our December 2013 Youth Program. He said that before he started the program he "was down in the dumps, couldn’t find a job and then everything started looking better".

He was attracted to ATN’s program as it offered essential upgrading in educational and employment skills but also due to the offer of a paid work placement.

The program kick started Damian’s desire and to be successful. Upon completing his placement he proactively started his own job search process with the continued support of ATN.

Damian found a job posting for an Assistant Greens Keeper at Llyndinshire Golf Course. With the assistance of ATN staff, he applied for the position and received individualized interview preparation coaching to prepare. Damian impressed the hiring manager and was successful in obtaining the position. A glowing reference from Damian’s placement employer reinforced his potential.

After three months of hard work in the summer sun Damian has up skilled himself by taking a number of chemical application certified courses to enable him to manage weed control on the course. This also extends to the use of pesticides and herbicides. This commitment has impressed his manager, who as luck would have it announced that he is stepping away from the course and promoted Damian to Head Greens Keeper. Damian is reaping the rewards of his hard work and has recently purchased a vehicle making it easier to transport his young family and enabling him to fulfill his work commitments.

His advice for potential candidates is simple; "follow the course through and listen to what the facilitators have to say".

Article by Jason Whyte

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