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The Employment part of this course is the final process in getting you back into the work environment, fully capable and confident that you can succeed.

During the classroom component of the course, students are trained in a range of employment focused areas. This includes, job searching and applications, interview skills, interview dressing along with resume and cover letter development.

The course challenges students to focus on the area or areas in which they want to work. These skills are harnessed when interviews are secured in line with potential placement options consistent where possible with the students’ desired fields of work. Once a placement is secured, ATN staff are involved with job shadowing and coaching to ensure that there is support to enable growth and development within the students.

We also have one day a week in class while students are on placement to share experiences for growth and learning. Many students have no employment experience so this is an important part of the process. The goal of the program is to link students with a future course of employment or education.

The ideal result would be for students to complete the course and have permanent employment or the skills references and experience to ensure that they are successful in today’s challenging economic environment.

At the end of the course students are still eligible to be ATN clients and have full access to ATN services.

Pictured above is ATN Y.E.S student Mark Wilcox following a successful interview.