Ready, Set, Shine

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Ready, Set, Shine

The Ready, Set, Shine project focuses on employment preparation and job matching for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. We help employers to understand, value, and integrate the unique perspective and capabilities of people on the autism spectrum.

We support individuals by:

  • Developing best practices for pre-employment preparation for people on the autism spectrum
  • Creating cultures of workplace inclusion
  • Developing niche employment opportunities
  • Using strengths-based employment training plans

We offer individuals:

  • Career Counselling
  • Vocational assessment and job sampling
  • The opportunity to learn by practice and exposure, and what work preferences may be
  • Personalized training need identification and implementation of effective strategies to address deficits
  • Training in basic competencies in independence, self-monitoring, travel training, and life outside the classroom

For more information contact our Project Co-ordinator, Vito Mendonca, at or 519-433-7950 ext 617.