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First Aid/CPR Training for the Deaf
ATN Access was pleased to partner with the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) and the London Training Centre to provide First Aid/CPR training for the following Deaf individuals who require this for employment purposes. Through the use of ASL interpreters, we were able to provide a Deaf-friendly approach to meet the needs of our Deaf clients over a two day period. This pilot project was the first of its kind in London. Congratulations to all who participated and success in their future endeavours!!!

Prusty4Kids Kindly Donates $10,000 to ATN Access Inc
Thank you so much to Brandon Prust and the Prusty4Kids Foundation for kindly donating $10,000 to us here at ATN Access Inc. The donation will go towards helping us continue with our social enterprise, The Old East Village Grocer, and the programs and training needed to make it a success. Thank you so much for your support. It is very appreciated in our community! ...Prusty4Kids Website

Registration is now open for the January 2018 YES Program
Registration has now opened for the Youth Employment Strategy (YES) Program that starts on January 2nd, 2018. Please don't hesitate to sign up early as spaces for the program go quickly and it is never to early to get your career going. Please call to book an intake appointment. If you would like more information about what the course has to offer and if you are eligible....More Details

Register for our Free Grocery Skills Program
This seven week in-class program that provides participants with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to function as part of a retail team focusing on the grocery store environment. Participants will also have the opportunity to gain practical work experience in a retail operation to help prepare participants for employment in customer service and grocery store positions. ...More Details

Free Ready 4 Employment Workshops Are Coming Soon
ATN Access Inc is pleased to announce that we will soon be starting the Ready 4 Employment Series. Clients may attend on a per session basis but please note that in order for the workshops to run we require a minimum of five and a maximum of ten participants. Please click on the link for a PDF version as to when the classes run and how you can register.

OLA - Online Learning Alternative
We're excited to introduce to you our new training initiative to try help the deaf find careers that suit their interests, talents and help reach their financial goals. We present an online tool that meets the deaf approach and alternative learning needs. OLA can be used to offer training for those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs ...Learn More

Assistive Technology Workshops Available
ATN Access Inc. is offering interactive workshops and presentations on using assistive technology (AT) to overcome physical and cognitive limitations. The information presented covers various hardware and software accommodation methods such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Zoomtext, Kurzweil 3000, built-in accessibility features, ergonomic solutions and much more ...More Details

Libro Kindly Donates $24,300 towards our OLA Initative
Thank you to Libro for kindly "Sharing the Pie" and donating $24,300 to us here at ATN Access Inc. Their donation will go towards helping us create our Online Learning Initiative (OLA) which is a training module to help the deaf who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Thank you so much for your support. It is very appreciated in our community!