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Gerald shares his thoughts on ATN Access Inc

“I didn’t even know that this place existed, until I needed it,” says Gerald recalling his time before attending ATN. “WSIB referred me here I wasn’t sure what I would be up against when I got here”.

Gerald experienced a work related injury in September of 2014 and, due to his injuries, has been experiencing personal and work related barriers. “It’s been a good experience and very accommodating. I’ve worked with 3 staff and they have all been friendly. It’s been a learning experience for all of us.”

Gerald is learning to write with his left hand, using the computer with a left handed mouse, and familiarizing himself with Microsoft Office 2013 including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in preparation for his return to work. “I didn’t think I was capable of getting around the computer before I came here. I basically knew how to get around the Internet and that’s it. Now I’ve been shown the computer programs I can actually use in the REAL world.”

When asked if he would recommend ATN to others he replied: “I already have. A relative recently lost his job and I told him how wonderful and friendly the staff are and directed him to people at ATN who can help.”

Gerald’s passion for learning and dedication to overcome his barriers are an inspiration and remind us of how technology, training, and enthusiasm can make a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Our best wishes go to Gerald in his future pursuits and endeavours.