Director's Message

A brief introduction from our Executive Director

When I received a call in the summer of 1990 asking me if I would like to become involved in a feasibility study regarding the impact of assistive technology on employment for individuals with visual impairments, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life.

Having had the honour of working under the tutelage of Dr. John Hart, ATN’s founding father, and Ormah Gibson, ATN’s first federal project officer, I was very pleased when asked if I would manage the project once we had approval for funding. ATN’s first Skills Training for Employment program started March 25, 1991 with eight students and the equivalent of three full time staff. ATN now serves over 600 clients a year, has 18 full time positions and several contract positions.

2008 marked our 20th year of service to London and area and I couldn’t be prouder of our accomplishments. Our growth is about responding to gaps in service and building service around individual client needs. ATN’s amazing staff has built a reputation for their dedication, expertise and professionalism.

I am very grateful for the gift that is ATN and the opportunity it has presented me to work with truly amazing people (staff, participants, board members, community colleagues and volunteers) and to be continually challenged to maintain and expand our services.

Vicki Mayer, Executive Director