Fee For Service - Operating Systems

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Windows 8 Pro - Code: OS-WIN - Course Duration: 27hrs

Windows 8 Pro provides you with the skills needed to work effectively with Windows 8‚ whether it is used on a computer at home or in a work environment. The course will cover the many features and apps included with Windows 8‚ such as Internet Explorer‚ social media‚ music and video‚ desktop apps‚ and printing. You will use a variety of skills and techniques to complete the exercises using the touch screen‚ keyboard and mouse options. This course is designed for those people who require the skills necessary to use this operating system on a daily basis.

Mac OSX - Code: OS-OSX - Course Duration: 27hrs

Whether you’re new to the Mac or switching from Windows, this course will help you get the most out of your Mac. These lessons will introduce you to the different pieces that make up the Mac interface. Learn how to use the Finder, the desktop, the menu bar, the Dock, the Trash, files and folders, and more. Explore how to use Mac applications and do some basic tasks, including installing and updating software, saving files, creating accounts, and more.


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