Fee For Service

Fee for Service


Worth Noting

While ATN specializes in programs and services for persons with disabilities, the courses in our catalogue are available to everyone.


ATN provides a variety of packaged programs that offer computer-based learning in current business software, English and math upgrading, job search and/or life skills, for adults with disabilities. All program delivery is individualized to the learner.

Business Software and Educational Upgrading Courses

ATN offers stand-alone courses as outlined in the Course Calendar. These courses are presented with a focus on the principles of adults and recognize the importance of self-paced, self-directed activities. Course descriptions give recommended completion hours. As we recognize the special needs of our clients, flexible schedules and completion times can be negotiated up to a maximum of 1.5 times the original recommended time. Courses not completed within the timeframe must be re-registered and course fees will apply.

Assistive Technology Assessments and Learning

Whether a disability is temporary or a lifetime issue, the ATN computer lab is designed to assist physically, sensorial or disabled individuals in their use of computer technology. A variety of alternative keyboards, mice, voice recognition, text readers, and screen enhancement software are available for assessment and learning purposes.

Assistive Technology Assessments as well as custom-designed learning in assistive technology are the focus of this facility.

Custom-Designed Programs or Workshops

ATN will design customized programs in business software applications, ergonomics, sensitivity awareness and/or assistive technology that will meet the specific needs of your clients, employees or staff. Call us to discuss your needs.

For an extensive look at what we have available for you, please view our latest catalogue.

Some services are available in selected communities in the surrounding counties through our Outreach and/or Fee-for-Service Programs.

For more information please contact our Assistive Technologist, William Hubert, at w.hubert@atn.ca / 519-433-7950 ext 378.