Employer Overview

Employer Overview
ATN partners with local businesses and corporations with the focus of integrating qualified individuals with disabilities into the workforce. Our partnerships focus goal-oriented development of unpaid training placements.

Your partnership with ATN helps London integrate qualified individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment into the workforce. ATN has established relationships with many great organizations in London and the surrounding area. Without the support and commitment of businesses getting involved, we would not be able to reach our goals.

ATN provides the skills and tools for both youth and adults with disabilities or barriers to reach their potential, while helping corporations meet their own hiring goals and have a diverse workforce. Today, ATN serves adults with all types of disabilities and barriers. We utilize the most up-to-date hardware, software and assistive technology to prepare our participants for employment.

Developed over the past 20+ years, ATN’s highly successful learning experience gets tangible results. Through the dedication of our staff we ensure that the curriculum, training and our attention to the uniqueness of our clients is synchronized to help create a highly successful learning experience.

When you get involved, we all win!

For more information or to book us to give a presentation on our services/clients/resources please contact us at 519-433-7950.