About Us

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What and Where We Are

ATN Access for Persons with Disabilities Inc. is a not for profit charitable organization, located in London, Ontario, Canada.

Our Legal Name

ATN Access for Persons with Disabilities Inc.

Mission Statement

ATN provides, as a fundamental right, access to technology to assist individuals with disabilities to reach their employment and learning goals.


ATN is a not for profit registered charity whose mandate is to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to gain access to employment, reach their educational goals and improve the quality of their lives through a variety of assessment, skills upgrading and personal development services. ATN specializes in computer training and computer assisted learning.

The Board Members

The following people generously volunteer their time and expertise to guide ATN’s work and ensure we remain true to our mission:

Christopher Murphy – Board Chair
Richard Hayes – Past Chair
Sherree Mahood – Vice Chair
Janie Rother – Board Secretary
Bernadette Holman – Board Treasurer
Brenda Crump – Member
Marla Marnoch – Member
Steve Glickman – Member
Richard Weston – Member
Sheila Creighton – Member
Allen Kool – Member

Annual Reports

Please click on the link below to view our Annual Report in pdf format.

2017 – 2018